The Research Group for Epistemology of the Philosophy Department of the HUN-REN Hungarian Research Network cordially invites everyone to their international workshop, titled Gains and Losses: Enaction Revisited.

You can read the detailed programme further below. The abstracts of the presentations can be opened by clicking on each title. All the presentations and discussions during the conference will be held in English.

Time: October 20, 2023. 8:30 AM CET

Venue: BTK Philosophy Department, 1097 Budapest, Tóth Kálmán street 4., 7th floor, Trapéz lecture room (B.7.16)

Participants can also join the hybrid event online using the following link:

Detailed programme and abstracts:

08:30–09:00  Opening
09:00–10:00  SEBASTJAN VÖRÖS, The Slumbering Ouroboros: Enactivism and the Varelian Heritage
10:00–10:15  Coffee break
10:15–11:05  BÁLINT ŐRY, Forms of reflexivity in cognitive science. How does phenomenology affect the way enactivism reflects on itself?
11:05–11:55  JAN HALÁK, The Challenges of Relationality
11:55–12:10  Coffee break
12:10–13:00  BALÁZS KÉKESI, Gains and inefficacy in enactivism
13:00–13:50  ISTVÁN DANKA, Enactivism and the mind-body gap
13:50–15:00  Lunch break
15:00–15:50  ZSUZSANNA KONDOR, Enacting metaphysics: Representation and sense-making in enactivism
15:50–16:40  ION COPOERU, Participatory sense-making in the context of variable modes of engagement
16:40–17:00  Coffee break
17:00–18:30  SHAUN GALLAGHER, Enactive problem solving and the pragmatic application of bounded rationality
18:30–19:00  Concluding discussion