The mission of the Research Group in Political Philosophy and the Philosophy of Religion is to engage with the contemporary philosophical discourses on politics and religion internationally and in Hungary. The research group focuses on the early modern, modern, and contemporary ideas of Western political thought, connecting conceptual analysis with a “Cambridge” methodology of historical reconstruction. It is interested in underrated areas, like conservatism, urban republicanism, or the social and political thought of Central Europe and Hungary.

Based on decades-long tradition at our institute in this area, the research group’s second focal point consists in the philosophy of religion, with a special emphasis on Catholic philosophy, against the backdrop of broad investigations of the history of 19-20th century German, Austrian, and Hungarian philosophy, the methodology and historiography of philosophy, also involving digital humanities approaches.

Hörcher, Ferenc (research group leader)

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Szécsi, Gábor

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Varga, Péter András

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