Jász Borbála 

junior research fellow

Email: jasz.borbala at abtk.hu

List of publications

Research group

Modern History of Philosophy and Intellectual History

Phone numbers
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+ 36 1 224 6700/4181
Research area

Connections between architecture-theory and philosophy in the interwar period, and the architecture-aesthetics after the WW2.

Research project

Archives of Hungarian Philosophy


Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Department of Philosophy and History of Science

Selected publications from the last five years

Jász, Borbála: Hidden Modernism: Architecture Theory of the Socialist Realist Gap, Periodica Polytechnica Architecture 49:(1) (2018)

Jász, Borbála: Mental Map of the City: Elements of Visual Argumentation and Creativity in Modern City Planning, Creativity Studies (2018)

Jász, Borbála: The Triumph of Function over Form: The Role of Analytic Philosophy in Planning and Analysing Modern Architecture, Footprint 20:(1) pp. 37-51. (2017)

Jász Borbála: Modernizmus sátortetővel: Ligeti Pál művészetfilozófiája és építészetelmélete. Budapest: L'Harmattan Kiadó, 2017.

Jász, Borbála: The Developement of Pictograms: Scientific Visualisation of Otto Neurath's Picture Language and Its Actuality, Opus et Educatio: Munka és nevelés 3:(2) pp. 169–177. (2016)