The HUN-REN Institute of Philosophy of the Research Centre for the Humanities cordially invites everybody to the upcoming talk by Adrian Kuźniar (PhD, Hab. Head of the International Studies in Philosophy, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Warsaw), entitled Lewisian Compatibilism and the Inability to Work Miracles. The talk will be given in English.

Time: 04 April, Thursday, 2024

In person: Institute of Philosophy, 1097, Budapest, Tóth Kálmán Street 4. Floor 7, Room 16.
Online, via the Zoom platform. Attendees can join using the link below:

Facebook event via this link.


To bolster his consequence argument against D. Lewis’s rejoinder, P. van Inwagen uses the concept of miracle. He claims that the Lewisian compatibilist must admit that under determinism, we possess the ability to work miracles par excellence, i.e., not just in some purely technical sense of the term. This lecture argues that van Inwagen’s definition of a “miracle” is too broad even if interpreted merely as an explication of one component often thought to be inherent in the religious concept of miracle, that is, of the concept of an event that breaks the laws of nature. Nomological effects of miracles are not miracles themselves.