breughelFerenc Hörcher is giving a keynote talk at the joint colloquium of the Humane Philosophy Project and the Dalai Lama Centre for Compassion, Oxford, on the 28th of February (Persons and Community), entitled "The Concept of the Person: A Catholic-Aristotelian, Practical Account".

Other keynote speeches: Michael Inwood: "Self-consciousness and Other Selves in Hegel''; Tenzin Dechen Rochard: "Being Kind to Oneself Means Being Kind to Others: A Buddhist Approach to Rational Self-Interest, Selflessness, and Altruism".

The keynotes are going to be followed by short talks from Nikolas Prassas, Agata Filipowicz, Robbert-Jan Winters and Jacob Burda.

All further details of the event are available here.