tozser janos 

scientific advisor

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+36 1 224 6700/4683
Research area

Philosophy of mind, metaphilosophy

Research project

Possible connections between analytic philosophy and phenomenology within the philosophy of mind (OTKA K109638, 2013. 09. 01. – 2018. 08. 31.).


Institute of Philosophy, Eötvös University Budapest

Selected publications from the last five years

János Tőzsér (2023) The Failure of Philosophical Knowledge. Why Philosophers are not Entitled to Their Beliefs, London, Bloomsbury Academic, p. 240.

Miklós Márton and János Tőzsér (2022) “The Pragmatic Approach to Fictive Utterances and its Consequences for Mental Fictionalism,” in T. Demeter, T. Parent, and A. Toon (eds.) Mental Fictionalism: Philosophical Explorations, London, Routlegde, 199–213.

László Bernáth and János Tőzsér (2021) “The Biased Nature of Philosophical Beliefs in the Light of Peer Disagreement,” Metaphilosophy 52 (3–4), 363–378.

László Bernáth and János Tőzsér (2020) “Epistemic Self-Esteem of Philosophers in the Face of Philosophical Disagreement,” Human Affairs 30 (3), 328–342.

Tőzsér János (2018) Az igazság pillanatai. Esszé a filozófiai megismerés sikertelenségérőlBudapest, Kalligram Kiadó.